Monday, June 7, 2010


Last night we needed supper on the table quickly. It was late, it was Sunday. A quick trip to Chow led to a super easy, super yummy stovetop macaroni and cheese. I used medium cheddar since that is all I had. And I added hot sauce at the table since the kids...well they`re kids. Next time, I`ll add a blend of cheddars and some gruyere. I`m normally a roux girl when it comes to mac n cheese. But this was so easy and so great. I`m trying this baked next time, with a a few good canned tomatoes stirred into half of the dish (I`m the only one here that likes them) and buttered crumbs and more cheese on top. Not the most cancer friendly dish, but a salad on the side and fruit for dessert evens it out. And come on, this is a family that has earned some comfort food! :-)

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