Monday, July 12, 2010

New hat

My weird post-chemo hair continues to grow in and I have not yet cut it. Since I don't want to look like a complete freak while on summer holiday, and since I also want to protect my face and head from the sun, I decided it was time for a new hat. So I called on my helpful and enthusiastic sister-in-law Diana to see if she'd go hat shopping with me. When you are buying a hat, it is very important to have someone with you that will give you an honest opinion. Diana's very good at doing that.  Plus, she also likes to rock a sweet lid! :-)

Off we went Edie Hats at Granville Island in Vancouver. Love hats? Visiting Vancouver, BC? This is where you want to go. They have an endless selection and superb service. Then cruise around the public market, grab some yummy food and flowers, and pick up some lovely gifts for yourself or someone you love. OK - end of ad.

With the help of keen-eyed and knowledgeable Nicole, we settled on a great Panama for me and a lovely green straw cowboy hat for Diana. I got to pick out two feathers for my brim, too. Thanks, Nicole. We wore our new hats around Grouse Mountain yesterday with our friends (Jennifer, b-day girl Karen, and Laura) and our heads stayed cool and comfortable. And I got to feel a little less self-conscious about my hair.

Cut to this morning and me doing a quick blog scan while drinking my coffee. First site I head to is The Sartorialist and today's style post. Look at that hat. That is my hat! And I can easily say that the hat is the star of that outfit. :-) Now that's a good omen.

So after a sad day on Saturday, I'm heading into my holiday with a new boob, a new hat and a more positive outlook. Don't nobody mess with that. I'll finish with a shout out to my girls - thanks for a great day! And thanks for the positive feedback on my squiggly hair. Y'all are the best. :-)