Saturday, August 21, 2010

Things to do before dying...

My husband suggested this morning that I might like to occasionally mention that this theme isn't the result of some recent "bad news."  So, no I have not had any bad news about my cancer. In fact, at my last appointment, my oncologist examined me, found nothing of concern and reassured me that I am doing very well. But I get it - people casually visiting my blog may assume I am getting ready to shuffle off this mortal coil.

But maybe I am. The point of my self-examination is that now that I have had to face the possibility of dying earlier than I had planned, I have started to look at life differently. And perhaps others may want to as well.

9. Embrace your guilty pleasures. Me - I like Van Halen's Panama, Crunchy Cheetos, tapioca pudding, and root beer floats. Scotch on the rocks, raw chocolate chip cookie dough, Cherry Garcia ice cream, and crime novels. Do not regret them, or see shame in them. Relish them. Celebrate them. They are your comforts for a reason.

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