Friday, August 6, 2010

Why my kids make me smile

My mom thought I should share some of the funny things the kids have said over the past year. What a good idea!

One of my favourite memories is from the day before I went into the hospital to have my left breast removed. We've talked pretty openly with the boys about what is happening to me, believing that knowledge is power and they will be less frightened if they feel like we are not hiding things from them. So I was sitting on my bed in the morning, cuddling with the boys and took that moment to remind them about the surgery. We have talked a lot about other people who have had cancer and survived. One of them was the custodian at Boomer's school, who lost one of his arms to the disease and had been given a prosthetic arm with a hook. Kind of like a pirate. I think that is what inspired the following exchange:

Me: So tomorrow, remember that I'm going to the hospital in the morning and the doctor is going to remove the breast that has cancer in it.
Boomer: I know that.
Bunny: I know that!
Me: And that is going to help me get better. 
Boomer: Ok.
Bunny: (saying nothing but poking me in the left breast with his finger)
Me: Do either of you have any questions?
Boomer: (with an expression of great hope and insight on his face) Yeah - are they going to give you a wooden one?
Bunny: (still saying nothing but now with a look of sheer delight on his face).


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