Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Monday's Health Links

...sorry - Monday's links are coming on Wednesday this week. It's that time of year!

  1. Study finds that CT scans in pregnancy do not lead to a higher risk for childhood cancers.
  2. Removing fallopian tubes may prevent women from developing ovarian cancer. This research was conducted in my neck of the woods by the Ovarian Cancer Research Program at Vancouver General Hospital and the BC Cancer Agency. Between Vancouver and Seattle, we are a hot bed of cancer research.
  3. Doctors may be able to use targeted cancer therapy to help patients avoid many of the current side-effects. A new approach being tested uses RNA interference to target cancer cells while leaving healthy cells alone.
  4. Stand Up to Cancer will air on CTV, Global and CityTV at 8 pm on September 10. Click here to donate.
  5. This month, join us in the 30th annual Terry Fox Run for cancer research. Run, walk, stroll or hop. Or support someone else! Most areas will be having their run on September 19. Schools will be holding theirs on September 30. Please help us keep Terry's legacy alive.

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