Monday, September 20, 2010

Monday's health links

  1. Genetic links to ovarian cancer identified.
  2. I love this story! Winnipeg woman cut in half to remove tumour - then put back together. How fantastic is this?!
  3. Mammograms may not identify tumours in women in their 40s. This is from July of this year but I missed it. Did I mention that when I was sent for a mammogram to determine whether or not I had breast cancer, the radiologist did NOT see my tumour? Instead he found calcifications higher up near my armpit and my GP said how lucky I was that I had come in to check on that "red herring" of a pink breast. Of course, then my oncologist examined my breast, felt the tumour and sent me for a biopsy. The size of the tumour the mammogram and my GP missed - 8cm. Please don't trust mammograms - learn what your breasts feel like and pay attention to any changes in their appearance.
  4. Fashion week in Vancouver educates young women on the importance of breast self examination.
  5. UN official calls for greater funding for women's reproductive health issues.

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