Tuesday, October 5, 2010

15 watercress recipes from Epicurious

Yesterday I posted a health story about the possible health benefits of watercress. So I started hunting down some likely candidate recipes on Epicurious. I tried to pick a range so that you would be able to find easy ways to integrate watercress into your diet. NO tiny tea sandwiches. If you have some more, share!
  1. Avocado and watercress soup.
  2. Parsnip, yam and watercress chowder. Note: substitute reduced-fat milk for the cream.
  3. Turkey, tortellini and watercress soup. Great for after Canadian Thanksgiving this weekend.
  4. Miso soup with shrimp and watercress.
  5. Herbed goat cheese, roasted beet and watercress salad.
  6. Bibb, watercress and mint salad.
  7. Watermelon and watercress salad with ginger. Ok, this is going to have to wait till next summer.
  8. Watercress salad with warm vinaigrette.
  9. Salmon with lemon-pepper sauce and watercress-herb salad.
  10. Wilted watercress with garlic.
  11. Mango and shrimp wraps
  12. Turkey watercress club sandwiches. Adapt it by using leftover turkey and low-fat mayonnaise.
  13. Linguine with chile, crab and watercress. Up the watercress to get more health benefits.
  14. Grilled chorizo, goat cheese and watercress pita pizzas.
  15. Turkey cutlets Milanese with watercress salad.

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