Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Monday's health links - one day late

Sorry - still recovering from Halloween. :-)
  1. Rethinking eggs. Three Canadian cardiologists argue that they are not a good choice for anyone at risk for cardiovascular disease - and they feel that's most of us. They say that one egg contains more cholesterol than most of us should consume in a day. The egg lobbyists disagree.
  2. Monounsaturated fats can help boost your good cholesterol if part of an overall diet that curbs bad cholesterol. So we're learning more about cholesterol - but keep in mind there were only 24 people in the study.
  3. Radiation cuts the risk of breast cancer recurring, more than we thought before, according to this new study. My radiologist told me basically the same thing. The article also reminds us of the odds for dying from breast cancer within 15 years. I hate it when they do that. Why do they do that? Can we get one of those "warnings" at the beginning of the article like they give you before possibly disturbing tv shows? Warning: the article you are about to read will drop statistical bombs without warning. Anyone recently diagnosed with or recovering from cancer may be troubled by their sudden appearance. Reader discretion is advised.
  4. And because we've all read enough scary stuff, a yummy healthy recipe that I am making today: Blueberry Health Muffins 
Update: I've also uploaded my own variation on the muffin recipe along with a picture of the finished product. Go visit my recipe website!


  1. Thanks for these.
    Love the reader discretion ;).
    I will take a look at that blueberry muffin recipe now ;P

  2. Ella, I can highly recommend the muffins. As can my wee boy! Didn't get around to making them until today but they were super yummy out of the oven - they don't even taste like they're good for you.

    Come back for more recipes! After years trolling other people's cooking blogs, I'm starting to add my own foodie spin to cancer prevention. Thanks for visiting.

    BTW - love your blog. Go Canada!

  3. Cyn, I sure craved eggs during chemo and sometimes I think your body does know best what it needs. There always seems to be controversy about eggs being good for you or not. I will check out the blueberry muffin recipe next. Thanks. I get nervous when they start talking about "odds of surviving bc within 15 yrs" or whatever too.

  4. Hi Nancy! Oh boy - eggs were the last thing I wanted to eat during chemo! OK - after hot dogs. Isn't that funny?

    I hope you enjoy a warm muffin, a cup of tea and another wonderful day!