Monday, November 29, 2010

Monday's health links

I am peeling myself away from WikiLeaks to put this post together.  Someone better be reading this. 
  1. Mushroom blend a possible new weapon in the fight against breast cancer.
  2. More bad news about BPA and triclosan exposure. I don't allow most anti-bacterial soaps into the house because of triclosan. Now I need to get more vigilant about looking for it in other household products.
  3. Europe votes in favour of banning BPAs in baby bottles.
  4. A Swedish research team suggests the health benefits of fish may outweigh the risks of mercury exposure.
  5. Canada brings in the toughest legislation in the world aimed at decreasing lead exposure for kids.
  6. New World Health Organization report exposes even more dangers of second hand smoke.
  7. Update - new item - Vancouver researchers receive funding to explore new computer modelling techniques for speeding up prostate cancer treatment.
OK - that is IT! Back to the leaks. I'm serious, why are you still reading this when you could be reading THIS?


  1. I was curious about THIS but the link did not work for me :(

  2. It opens for me when I am in editing mode - not sure why it isn't always. Can you see this

  3. Sorry - can you see this ?

  4. No for whatever reason I cannot connect.

  5. Ah - well this morning it is impossible. The site must just be very, very busy. OR....little men in grey suits are blocking access and taking note of the IP addresses of the computers attempting to gain access to the TRUTH!!!!!