Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Why my kids make me laugh

Yesterday I was talking with my son, Bunny (not his real name), about the possibility of my undergoing breast reconstruction.  Don't ask how we got going on that topic! But we did and he asked what reconskrukshun meant (he's 5).

Me: "Reconstruction means the surgeon would give me a new breast."
Bunny: "Can you get one?"
Me: "What do you mean by that?"
Bunny: "Well, the one you have now isn't very girlish. Maybe he could give you one that's more girlish."
Me: "What would that look like, Bunny?"
Bunny: "Well, maybe one that's blue."
Me: "A blue breast?"
Bunny: "Yeah, blue! Or pink! Or blue and pink and purple. And sparkly!"
Me: "Well, I guess I could ask." 



  1. Well I guess a blue or pink breast with sparkles is better than a wooden one!

  2. Exactly what I thought. Although, I was a little hurt that my existing, non-cancerous breast doesn't pass the girlish muster for my wee bairn.

  3. Boring, flesh-toned, pre-existing breasts are VERY overrated with the under-6 crowd.

  4. Cyn, As they say, "out of the mouths of babes." Priceless.

  5. Nancy stole my line!

    You know, adults can't even begin to write things like that. When a 5 year-old friend of mine heard I'd had 10 breast cancer surgeries, she said, "I bet you've had lots of amnesia." Her mother corrected her and said, "That's anesthesia," but I think the 5-year old was right! Because chemo brain so often dominates our thoughts, we forget about the cumulative memory loss caused by anesthesia and stress.

    Perhaps from now on, I'll tell my husband, "It's not chemo brain, honey. I have amnesia."