Thursday, January 27, 2011

Bunny makes me laugh

Summer memory on a cold day - Bunny doing what he loves to do - playing with bugs!
This morning, Bunny woke up with a sore throat and, on examination, swollen tonsils. Today was going to be his special day at kindergarten; on special days the kids get to bring something for show and tell, and be special helper. :-( No school for you, kiddo. OK that isn't funny at all. Keep reading. While my husband has the wee bairn off at the clinic, I thought I'd share a funny Bunny story from last week.

(Note: because I don't mention my children's actual names in this blog, I will be using Bunny instead and will adjust the story slightly to fit with his alias.)

To set the scene, Bunny is downstairs playing a game (non-violent, educational!) on the family computer.

What I hear: bang, bang, bang. "Uhr!" bang, bang, bang, "Aarrr!"
Me: "Bunny? What's wrong?"
Bunny: bang, bang. "Come on!" pause "Oh, come ON!"
Me: "Bunny? What's wrong?!"
Bunny: "Come on! Where is it?"
Me: "Bunny?!"
Bunny: "Mom. I'm trying to spell my name!" Long pause followed by a very exasperated voice, "Aren't there ANY 'N's in the alphabet?!"


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