Monday, January 31, 2011

Monday's health links

  1. Fatty foods increase risk of depression.
  2. Nudging people towards better eating habits.
  3. Anti-depressants found in fish. Good lord, what are we eating?
  4. Understanding what nutrition labels are telling us
  5. Related to the above...from the LA Times, two guys trying to lose weight discuss what they are learning from these labels, including how manufacturers define portion size.
  6. Study associates body fat with increased risk of estrogen-negative breast cancer.
  7. Using hormone replacement therapy to deal with menopause symptoms in young women linked to elevated risk of breast cancer.
  8. Sadly, 20-year old Vancouver singer Megan McNeil succumbed to cancer after a 4 year fight.Megan put her heart and soul into the effort to raise awareness of childhood cancers. To say she was inspirational is an understatement. Click here to see her perform the song she wrote in tribute to the children she met going through cancer treatment. It is available for purchase on iTunes; proceeds go to childhood cancer organizations including BCCCPA, a group that provides support to families of children with cancer, and the James Fund for Neuroblastoma Research.

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