Sunday, May 29, 2011

Monday's health links

  1. New breast cancer screening guidelines and how women perceive them. Reuters. 
  2. Losing more than 15% of weight can help obese women significantly increase their vitamin D levels. Sacramento Bee.
  3. Doubts raised over the effectiveness of selenium against cancer. The National.
  4. The nutritional hazards of having your team make the playoffs. (Go Canucks! My downfall are Costco chicken wings with blue cheese dip. I've started piling on the vegetables along side these little honeys and washing it down with vast quantities of water instead of beer. Not as festive, for sure, but I'm also less sleepy by the middle of the third period. :-) ) CBC.
  5. Taking another look at aspartame. Daily Mail. Too many years ago, when I was a junior at university, a roommate who was a bit of a lab rat made a big impression on me when she said she would never, ever consume aspartame with any regularity - and she ate Wonder Bread.
  6. Ditching the food pyramid in favour of the dinner plate. New York Times.
  7. Dieting is easier with a little help from your friends. Huffington Post.
  8. Health Canada takes on Coca Cola - what is in that vitaminwater? Montreal Gazette.


  1. Cynthia,
    What a great list of comprehensive references to keep us informed and on track. I have to laugh at your college roommate. Any idea how she's doing now? I'm curious if she's changed her health habits.


  2. Hi Brenda!

    I have no idea where she is; I suspect she is a researcher or doctor back in China where she was from. She loved nothing better than ham or peanut butter and Wonder Bread sandwiches, though they didn't love her back. I think it was the novelty of North American food. I sure she hope she has reformed! :-)

    I hope you are well,