Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Monday's health links

...yes, I can see that it is actually Wednesday. The kids are home from school - let's blame them. :-)
  1. First up, and adding more fuel to the backlash fire, the Canadian Cancer Society spends more money on fundraising than research, according to CBC's show Marketplace. Globe and Mail. And tonight, the Society has responded by defending its track record and encouraging potential donors to do their own research. Most of my donations these days go to The Terry Fox Foundation and Stand Up 2 Cancer. You can pick your own. But, if you have the time, could I encourage you take a moment organizations that have found a way to efficiently and effectively put money into researchers' hands?
  2. Why are so many high-risk women not getting post-mastectomy radiation? Medscape
  3. The British Columbia Cancer Foundation and Genome BC team up to develop a genetic test that will help determine the best treatment options for patients.
  4. It won't go away. More on the health benefits of green tea. Now it is going after your high cholesterol. Globe and Mail. Right now I have a big pitcher of it in the fridge. 6 minutes getting that ready in the morning and I don't have to think about brewing up a pot in the middle of a hot day.
  5. Go for a walk - it's a beautiful day - I mean it. Even if it isn't sunny and warm where you are, it is a beautiful, beautiful day.

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