Monday, July 18, 2011

Monday's health links

Hope it's warm where you are - it sure ain't here.
  1. Estrogen may help prevent stomach cancer. Toronto Sun ~Great, just perfect.
  2. More pink fatigue voiced in response to Susan G. Komen's Nancy Brinker promoting Promise Me perfume. Look for quotes from cyber friend Brenda Coffee of the Breast Cancer Sisterhood. USA Today ~Personally, I have given up most perfumes and conventional cosmetics because of the health risks posed by many of the ingredients. And I empathize with women who cannot deal with scent on themselves or others, especially during cancer treatment. There is no way I could have been in the same room with someone wearing this or any other scent when I was on chemo. Can Komen not find other more appropriate products to help promote breast cancer awareness and raise money for research? Vitamin D? Calcium supplements? Whole grain cereal? Green tea? Yoga accessories? What about one of those fancy, celebrity endorsed waters?
  3. More on the link between diet pop and our bulging bellies. The Province
  4. Stop riding Michelle Obama for eating a hamburger and fries! What is wrong with you people?  Are those the arms of a person who abuses junk food? Get a life. USA Today
  5. Study finds that weight gain that occurs with age has more to do with poor dietary and lifestyle choices than anything else. Montreal Gazette
  6. Poor dietary and lifestyle choices also linked to the rise in cancers for those over 40 in new UK study. Daily Mail ~Anyone else want to join me this morning for some exercise and an egg white omelette? 
  7. Mozart may have died because of vitamin D deficiency. This might also be true for Gustav Mahler. Daily Mail
  8. Low vitamin D levels is also linked to an increased risk of muscle injury. Toronto Sun

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