Monday, October 24, 2011

Monday's health links

I've been quiet for a while - sorry about that! Some weeks I just get so tired of thinking about cancer. But, here we go, back at it!
  1. This morning, an interesting conversation about breast cancer on the Today Show was ended quickly so they could make time for the really important news...the addition of two new cast members to Beverly Hills Housewives. People suck. Anyway, before this ridiculousness, Dr. Susan Love beats the prevention drum some more. Something we all need to hear in this month of "awareness." NBC.
  2. Speaking of Dr. Love, if you have a moment, the website for the Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation is worth a look. It's a great place to read current breast cancer news stories and hear about the latest research findings. For example, this recent article consolidates current knowledge about the value of bone building drugs as part of adjuvant therapy. After two rounds of Zometa, I asked my oncologist if he had been following research that said it didn't make much of a difference. He concurred and I stopped. Well, this article reinforces that there is a very small survival gain, especially when given to premenopausal women. Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation.
  3. Got time for another? Almost every breast cancer patient I know has questions about soy. This article does a great job of summarizing current knowledge. The takeaway? We should feel safe about eating whole soy foods, like cooked soybeans, edamame, tofu, miso and soy milk. A 2009 study found that after 4 years, the higher a woman's soy protein or isoflavone intake, the lower her risk was of having a recurrence or dying. This applied across the board, for both ER+ and ER-, and pre and postmenopausal women, as well as for women on tamoxifen. Isn't soy a phytoestrogen? Doesn't it make life harder for my tamoxifen? "The soy story also shows us why we can't over simplify the science. Soy is not a phytoestrogen but rather a "phytoSERM," more like tamoxifen than estrogen. It also reinforces that we cannot automatically extrapolate from studies on cells and rats to women. We need to do studies on women so that we know what happens in women's bodies." This is a great website.
  4.  The economic fallout of cancer, here for women in the UK. WebMD.
  5. The breast cancer story as told by both a nurse and a pathologist struck by the disease. CNN.
  6. Drs. Oz and Roizen summarizing the main things we know about breast cancer prevention. Put down that merlot and pick up your sneakers. The Star.
  7. Carving up some Jack-o'-lanterns this month? Save and roast those pumpkin seeds because they are really good for you! Just remember to limit yourself - they pack fat. Empowher.
  8. BPA consumed in pregnancy is linked to behavioural problems in daughters. MSNBC.
  9. Today is the first ever Food Day. Dr. David Katz wants us to make every day Food Day. Huffington Post.
Have a great day!


  1. I actually saw Dr Love speak last week and she was great. Go read my blog here for what I learned. Sometimes I need to get off the cancer bus as well... If that is really possible.

  2. I am so impressed with how you keep it up, Caroline. Some weeks I just want to press delete on the whole flippin' thing. I will go check out your blog entry. I am endlessly impressed by her ballsy approach to education.

    Be well.

  3. Thank you for posting I have been checking is sort of like a barometer...I am on my fourth day of long walks sometimes with the boys and always Barley. The weather is still fine so I am a bit more motivated.

  4. Good for you. I would go on longer walks if I had Barley too! :-)

  5. Cyn
    Don't apologize for stepping away for a bit. We all need to do that from time to time. Thanks for the great links. I was really interested in the bone building drugs as a part of adjuvant therapy link and the one about BPA in pregnancy affecting girls and their behavior, wow, that's scary.

  6. Thanks for your ever supportive words, Nancy. I promise to be back at it next week with a new burst of energy!