Monday, June 18, 2012

Monday's health links - the recipe edition

Hi friends! From the title you will see that this is not the traditional health links post! I could not find anything interesting in the news but I have been finding lots of great healthy recipes. So, today I give you links to the most fun way to fight cancer - eating well!
  1. Mark Bittman's salmon roasted in butter.  I think this is the way my sister cooks it. And it's what we're having for supper tonight! New York Times.
  2. Part of the Meatless Mondays movement, baked eggplant marinara. SheKnows.
  3. Building on the reported health benefits of turmeric, and its component curcumin, coconut Thai rice curry. Care2.
  4. Lasagna with roasted broccoli is a great way to get extra vegetables into your dinner plans. New York Times. 
  5. The stands are finally full of beautiful strawberries in my neck of the woods. How about a proscuitto, spinach and strawberry salad? Canoe.
  6. A great selection of spring and salad rolls. Kids love to make them and they end up getting lots of veg. One note - I'm not sure the mashed potato spring rolls are actually good for you, but lordy, they would be great for my state of mind. :-) Huffington Post.
  7. Another great salad - quinoa, pea and black bean with cumin vinaigrette. New York Times.
  8. Finally, great advice on cooking salmon along with great recipes. Huffington Post.
That's it for now. Happy cooking.


  1. YUM on the spring rolls... we are going to try to make some together this weekend... a great idea I think for "picky" eaters... noodles, lettuce, chicken, and peanut sauce... what's not to like? :-)

  2. Excellent idea! It might actually make it feel like summer time.

    When we do them, as long as there is a HUGE pile of shrimp, the boys will keep making and eating them. :-)

  3. I have done both salmon and halibut the Mark Bittman way and both are yummy! 8 minutes and the fish is lovely and moist. My boys could eat this every night of the week!!

  4. It was ridiculously easy. Good recommendation! Next time I won't do it in cast iron though. Do you do it on a cookie sheet or glass?

  5. Cyn,
    Great links! Thank you. I think I've been cooking my salmon all wrong. I have always baked/grilled it with the skin side down...And I am on strawberry hunts around here too. Love those fresh gems...And lasagna with roasted broccoli, yummmm.

  6. Hi Nancy!

    As long as you don't overcook it, I find it hard to believe there is a wrong way to cook salmon! Hope you have sunshine where you are...

  7. Cynthia! Long time no blog. How are you?? I hope all is well and you are going about the business of living life! xo

    1. Hi Renn! I just ran out of steam! :-) I am well - how are you? Hugs - Cyn