Saturday, June 19, 2010

Cool diversion

Some days it can be hard to be inside my head with "the cancer." On those days, I look for a way to get outside of my brain. Here are a few sites I turn to to help me think about better things.

Kiva - Kiva connects people who want to help with people who need help - in the form of microloans. As of November, 2009, Kiva has facilitated loans totalling more than $100 million. Kiva makes it so easy to connect your desire to help with someone in actual need. See how it works here.

Color Me Katie - Katie Sokoler is a freelance photographer and street artist in Brooklyn. The joy she injects into life around her makes me want to be a more creative and spontaneous person.

Nienie - Stephanie Nielson and her husband survived a plane crash, but the road to recovery is long and challenging. Her blog covers every step on that road, with much humour and grace.

make something - crafty list of things to do Karyn owns the Toronto shop the workroom where you can take classes, sew by the hour on her sewing machines and sergers, and more. I can't visit her store but I love scanning through her running list of "things to do" to find inspiration closer to home.

not martha - Megan talks about crafting, cooking, blogging, technology and more...and takes damn good pictures of all of it. She's in Seattle and I love finding out what we should check out the next time we visit.

dooce - Heather Armstrong writes about being a mom, wife and blogger. She survived post-partum depression, became a succesful auther, got a show on HGTV, drinks good bourbon and takes pictures of her dog Chuck with things balanced on his head. Why are you still reading my blog when you could be reading hers?

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