Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Looking for a Canadian resource? Check out Rethink Breast Cancer

Rethink Breast Cancer is a Canadian, volunteer-driven, registered charity working to help young people concerned about and affected by breast cancer. They provide innovative breast cancer education, research and support programs. Visit their website to get access to, among other things:

The Underwire is Rethink Breast Cancer's newsletter. Published four times a year, The Underwire provides up to date research on diagnosing, treating and preventing breast cancer, as well as other news for people affected by breast cancer. Lots of very good, current information.

Breast Cancer Now What
Popular British Columbia sex educator Saleema Noon spoke at a cancer breakfast I attended soon after my diagnosis. Her breast cancer was diagnosed when she was in her mid-30s, newly married and planning a family. She was a perfect example of how younger people with breast cancer usually have a different set of concerns than those fighting it later in life. You may be undergoing treatment while attending school, starting or building your career or raising small children. To help young people connect with and support others going through the same thing, she suggested Rethink Breast Cancer's program Breast Cancer Now What. Visit this site to learn about current research and connect with others on the discussion board.

Tell Her 2 connects Canadians affected by HER2+ breast cancer. Share your story and read those of others. Find current information on estrogen positive breast cancer and then give or receive emotional support and inspiration.

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