Wednesday, August 25, 2010

If I could have a moment of your time...

Lately, I have seen a rather unpleasant number of disdainful and ignorant comments about what some call the "cancer industry." Freedom of speech is a wonderful thing. But one of the less appealing things that comes with it is the opportunity it gives to bozos to sound off on news websites. Anonymity is the invisibility cloak of the ass.

I welcome thoughtful debate on the merits of the myriad cancer studies, on the drug companies that fund many of them, on the possible use of breast cancer as a marketing tool...come to the table with your ideas and let's find the best path towards cures for all diseases and chronic conditions. But if you are going to sit behind your laptop and lob incendiary devices into the middle of thoughtful dialogue you better be willing to post your name and community.

So that is one of the costs of a free Internet - sorting through the chaff. What is one of the gifts? Websites that make it easy to find the kernels of knowledge and experience. The Being Cancer Network provides people in the cancer community an opportunity to find and reach others on the same path.

Being Cancer Network is the brainchild of  Dennis W. Pyritz. As a cancer nurse and a cancer and bone marrow transplant survivor, Dennis has an intimate connection with the disease.  From his website: "So my intention then for this blog was to create a community of people whose lives have been transformed by cancer.  The intention for my writing is to stimulate emotion and thought, and to promote sharing of experiences and of what those experiences meant to our gifted and measured lives.  Some of this will be history, some stories, other times themes around which we can share our thoughts and feeling. It will become a resource center for a community of cancer bloggers and answer seekers."

To that end, one of the most moving and valuable resources he provides is his vast and growing list of cancer blogs. And this summer, Dennis has set a goal for his list to top 1000 cancer blogs. The list is well organized (by cancer type) and extensive. If you are looking for a blog that speaks to you, you will find it here. You just need to start clicking. And, if you have a blog and want to help Dennis help you help others, send him your URL. Do it soon! Help Dennis reach his goal.

***Late addition - I send my heartfelt thanks to Dennis for including me in his blog roll. I am honoured.


  1. Dennis' website is great. I am very honored to be listed there as well. On the 'spam' comments that come through from snake oil salesmen, Blogger has now instituted a spam comments feature that will help reduce these. I get a little notice on my dashboard page and have instituted it.

  2. Thanks for letting people know, Caroline. One more line of defence!