Tuesday, August 24, 2010

New study links moderate alcohol consumption and breast cancer

According to an article published yesterday in Bloomberg Business Week, researchers from the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Centre in Seattle, Washington, are reporting in today's issue of the Journal of the National Cancer Institute that women who drink one alcoholic beverage a day are at higher risk for developing estrogen receptor- and progesterone receptor-positive breast cancers.

That study found that, when compared to non-drinkers, women who drank seven or more drinks a week had a higher risk of hormone receptor-positive breast cancer, but only lobular carcinoma, not the more common ductal carcinoma.

Please click on the link to read the entire article. And here is a link to the abstract published in the journal.

If any of my team are reading this, my fluffy beast was an estrogen receptor-positive invasive ductal carcinoma.


  1. LOL. My thoughts didn't go there. Really. :-)

    OK. Maybe a bit

  2. My thoughts did - that's why I've been following the studies. One of the cancer series lectures was on nutrition and our nutritionist said that the single piece of nutritional advice she would give is to decrease alcohol consumption. There were too many studies that linked moderate consumption and breast cancer. And very few other studies that pointed to anything else one could do as far as diet - aside from supplementing with vitamin D.

    I was quite sure that my tumour could have been triggered by Malbec, single malt scotch and Stellas. So, I found this study very exciting. Not that I am going to continue to be a moderate drinker - I don't want to get any form of breast cancer again. :-)