Thursday, September 30, 2010

A weekend away

This is the weekend I go away with some of my most important people. So I will not be going in the run to end breast cancer, nor will my important people! If you know someone who is running this weekend, please consider donating.

Today, my son ran in the Terry Fox School Run with his entire school. If you are asked by someone who ran or walked in memory of Terry this month, please consider donating.

Big thank yous to my husband and boys for giving me the weekend off. Especially since Friday is my husband's birthday. <3


  1. Enjoy your weekend off! Hope you and your family have a nice birthday celebration for your husband. Celebrating my husband's birthday early this weekend as well, since next week I have more chemo and will be out of it. Best wishes.

  2. Thanks, Nancy. Best wishes to your husband - another Libra!

    Good luck with chemo - try to lay in some diversions while you're still feeling well. Look after yourself.