Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year

Wow - I don't know about you but, for me, it feels absolutely fantastic to say those words. Happy New Year.

Pardon me if I sound a little self-involved, but I have to tell you if there is one thing I have learned it is that the passing of time is forever changed for people who have gone through life threatening illnesses, both for the patients and their loved ones. And still the world continues to turn. Life goes own, people heal, babies are born, people get sick, and people rally around in love to help.

And that is the gift of cancer...the opportunity to bear witness to the gift of compassion.

So in the spirit of this new year, I would like to return the gift and offer up love and appreciation for the people who have helped me this year. 

To my support team, whatever you are doing this fine evening...playing games with friends (hi Diana, Shaun, Tom, Laura, Niamh, Finn, Jack and Ella), celebrating in high style (hi Sandra, Haydn, Robin, Alex, Heather, Colette, Evan and friends), relaxing after a day in the sun (hi Christi, Fred, Owen and Willem), retiring early (hi Mom, Dad, Jim and Lillian, Judy and Carl) or finding your own way to ring in the New Year (hi Rich, Tricia, Zach, Sam, Jen, Sev, Gabriela, Marco, Karen, Parker, Quincy, Kirsten, Simon, Ian, Erik, Louise, Robert, Pat, Merit,Tina, Doug, Jeanne, wonderful cousins (first, second and third), Linda, Ray, Terryn, Pat, Alison, Lisa, Cathryn, Audrey, Pam, Caroline, Nancy, Johanne and all my other friends all over this fine world, Dr. Yun, Dr. Nguyen, Dr. Parsons, Martha, Ann, Brigitte, Nancy, Hershey, Toy, Glenda, Taruna, Roxy, and every other nurse, doctor, technician and health care professional with whom I have had the pleasure of meeting and working), I wish you many, many more days of laughter, sunshine, love and delight. May you find peace, be blessed, and rejoice in the warmth of loving and being loved.

all my best,


  1. And if I sound a bit one noted... WOOHOO! It has been quite a year my dear friend-sister... i love you, we love you... happy new year to you and yours!

  2. I, we, love you, too. And look what YOU have accomplished this year. Happy new year to y'all, the whole dang bunch of youse.

  3. you have beautiful pictures!

    happy new year(:

  4. Thanks, Veronica! But they aren't a patch on yours - your site is lovely!

    Happy New Year - thanks for visiting.