Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Monday's health links

Welcome to 2011!
From Baldie's Blog.
  1. A blood test for cancer. I know - right?! HOLY CRAP! Now, before we get too excited, I saw a doctor on TV this morning say that this is going to be most useful as a tool during treatment to assess how it is working. So, not necessarily something you can march into your doctor's office and request - but signs of important new developments in diagnosis and treatment.
  2. Live Right Now - the CBC, our national broadcast company, wants us to get healthy. And to do this, they are encouraging us to start making small manageable changes that we are most likely to stick with. It's a great idea. Baby steps to help us start the journey. It's a very comprehensive initiative that combines an online community where members can get healthy living tips, recipes, health care advice, and physical activity challenges with a range of promotions suited to Canadians of all ages. Some of the highlights: the Million Pound Challenge where Canadians can pledge to lose a combined total of one million pounds; Village on a Diet, the television program highlighting Taylor, BC and its attempt to achieve smaller bodies and better health; and Run Run Revolution, a documentary that will follow a group of middle school kids as they prepare to run the youth section of the Boston Marathon. Click here to go to the official website. My favourite part is the Challenges section where you can sign up to participate in challenges.
  3. Need more incentive to quit smoking? Do it in Ontario and you could win a car.
  4. January is cervical health awareness month. Make it a priority this month if you have neglected it the rest of the year.  I am making an appointment to get a PAP smear this month.
  5. Coming soon to the US, nutrition fact labels on meat products.

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