Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The passing of Elizabeth Edwards

I just wanted to make a brief acknowledgement of the passing of Elizabeth Edwards.

For many people living with cancer, she was a symbol. A symbol of fighting with grace and good humour. A symbol of fighting for others when you could choose to fight just for yourself. A symbol of putting love before fear.

And lest anyone wish to chime in here about anything else, please don't. She did this all in the public eye facing scrutiny most of us could never believe. I won't participate in that.

And so her passing has made me quite sad. I had hope that she would be here much longer to continue to provide inspiration for others living with cancer. I also hoped, for her sake and ours, that she would get to finish some of the fights she had taken on for health care reform. Perhaps we need to pick them up and finish them for her.


  1. Here, here... and always with such beauty and poise even when, I am sure, she felt she had neither...

  2. Cyn, Her passing resonated with so many of us on a very personal level. This fact alone says much about how she chose to live her life. I posted about it today too. Thanks for your thoughts. I agree, maybe we all need to pick up those fights and finish them for her.

  3. Thanks for your thoughts, Diana and Nancy.

    I send you both big cyber hugs and warm wishes for the season.