Monday, February 14, 2011

Monday's health links

Good morning and welcome to a Valentine's Day edition of health links - because I love you.
  1. Folic acid is a possible cancer risk. I mentioned this a while back and there are renewed concerns since some cancer survivors are being told to increase their folic acid intake (as I was). The advice in this article is that no one should take more than 400 micrograms a day from all sources - so monitor how much you are getting from both supplements and foods that have it as an additive.
  2. Examining the link between imaging procedures and cancer.
  3. Connecting the dots between diet and IQ in children.
  4. Berries could cut the risk of Parkinson's.  Good in the fight against cancer, too. It's Valentine's Day - go share some berries with someone you love.
  5. University of Alberta researcher has discovered the mechanism that stops human genome p53 from suppressing tumours.
  6. Finally, this is Heart and Stroke month in Canada. On this day when we share our hearts with the people we love, please make a commitment to yourself and those you love to take better care of them.

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