Monday, March 21, 2011

Monday's health links

Welcome to another week of your life...and take a look outside - it's finally Spring!
  1. An interview with Michael Pollan on the backlash against the food movement. The Globe and Mail.
  2. An Ontario breast cancer patient, denied Herceptin due to the size of her tumour, receives an important phone call from someone who may have the power to change this policy. The Globe and Mail. Now, this morning, the Ontario government announces it will provide coverage to some of these cancer medications on a case by case basis. CBC
  3. Using a genetic test to determine which breast cancer patients will best benefit from chemo. Bloomberg.
  4. Frequent painkiller users have lower rates of bladder cancer. Reuters.
  5. A good round up of gluten-free resources. Uh, ok - I guess resources are typically gluten-free. Edmonton Journal.
  6. Finally, an article on getting the most nutrients out of the foods you are eating. Chicago Tribune.

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