Monday, April 4, 2011

Monday's health links

Sorry for the blackout. I was away on spring break holiday with my lads and could not think of a single interesting thing to say. It was all, play quietly please while we make supper, put your brother down, let's play hide and seek, take that out of your nose, let's go to the park, put your cousin down! Not much time for research or reflection. But I'm back!

And a big shout out to my husband for driving too much in conditions that were too terrifying. He told me with great love that he will not drive over mountain passes with me anymore unless I medicate myself. He's getting ready for an extended business trip to India. If anyone has some insights that will help him prepare, I would love to hear them.

On with the news:
  1. Is Vitamin D really a powerful tool to fight breast cancer? Maybe not.  A new study calls into question many previously produced reports on the sunshine vitamin's benefits for a range of diseases. Speak to your doctor about what this may mean for your treatment or prevention plan.
  2. Early diagnosis is key in treating lung cancer.
  3. A scary but necessary article to read - the superbugs like MRSA may be winning the war unless we start making new advances in antibiotic research. Wash your hands! And, please, please, even if you think your hands are clean, if you enter a hospital please use the provided hand sanitizer to give yourself an extra debugging.
  4. Closer than ever to fixing cat allergies. My husband and I are brutally allergic to cats. Visiting friends and family with cats is a miserable experience.
  5. Finally, laughter is good for your heart.


  1. Cyn, Glad you are back and hope you enjoyed your break. Where did you drive to anyway? Too funny. How long will your hubby be away? Like always, thanks for the great links. I'm particularly interested in that vitamin D one...hmmm.

  2. Hi Nancy!

    We drove to my family's home on a lake in the interior of British Columbia. Blinding rain and slush while passing semi trucks makes me freak out, apparently. I think this is a new post-cancer response to stress. :-0

    I'm going to talk to my oncologist about the D as well. He was very insistent that I take it - that and exercise were his main recommendations.

    Hope you're well and enjoying the early signs of spring!