Monday, March 14, 2011

No links today - it's my Bunny's birthday!

We are busy getting ready for a family party tonight so I won't have time to post anything today.

Out of respect for my kids' privacy, I try not to publish too much personal stuff about them. So no posed pictures or lengthy discourses...just a wee salute to my very special, loving boy. Daddy jokes all the time that one day the Buddhist monks will arrive at our door and whisk you away.  You would probably go with them, too! Laughing the whole time. Your laughter has given us a whole new filter on this crazy, sometimes scary world.

Happy 6th Birthday, Bunny! We love you.


  1. Cyn, This is so sweet. Enjoy this happy day with your special "bunny." I am smiling now just thinking about it. Don't you just love six-year olds?

  2. I do. And lately, it really helps to have a smiling face around when the news out of Japan is so sad.

  3. Happy belated birthday to "Bunny"!