Friday, March 11, 2011

What the heck?

I have been getting regular exercise like a good little cancer girl, and I am feeling my body starting to change. My muscles are more pronounced in my arms and legs and my clothes fit more loosely. I have more energy and no longer feel like a 90-year-old when I get up out of a chair. And you know what? Yesterday when I passed by a mirror I caught a glimpse of my face and, no joke, I may have actually seen the suggestion of a cheekbone. :-0 I know!

But when I stop and look square into that mirror, do I congratulate myself on a job well done? Hell no. Instead, I focus on the parts that are jiggly. What the heck?

Continuing to focus on the negative is a luxury I can no longer afford. Women have spent far too long dissecting their flaws and listing their faults - red dressed, Special K ladies, I'm talking to you. If there is one thing cancer has taught me it is life is short. It is beyond stupid to waste precious time beating yourself up. If you are making net gains in terms of accomplishment, why would you continue to focus on the work still to do? It's even stupider when you consider we have to keep this up for the long haul. I mean, would you work for an employer if she only ever told you what you were doing wrong? No? Then why the heck would my butt?

These days I am working hard, eating well and moving said butt. And if I want to fight a recurrence, I have to keep doing this every day for a very, very long time. Decades. So the last thing I should be doing is sending myself discouraging messages. Right?

So let's try this, "Good girl! Good me!" And if you're eating well and moving your butt, too, this is for you: "Good girl (or boy)! Good you!"

We are doing one heck of a job!


  1. Great reminder Cyn! I AM doing a heck of a job! :-)

  2. The thought of your butt talking to you made me laugh!!

  3. I gotta tell you - I'd rather it talked to me than you! I can't imagine yours would have much to say! :-)

  4. Cyn, Good for you! I've been trying to do the same, but still waiting for results in the mirror. That is so stupid because the only results that truly matter are on the inside. Thanks for the reminder!! Guess I'll go get on my treadmill now! Thanks for the boost, or maybe I should say, kick in the butt!

  5. Get moving! Don't make me come out there. :-)

  6. Cynthia!

    You said:

    "I mean, would you work for an employer if she only ever told you what you were doing wrong?"

    Yes, I'm working for someone like that right now! Sometimes you have to take whatever jobs you can because those are the only ones available.

    But onto more important matters.....

    Congrats to you on sticking with your exercise routine and seeing noticeable results!

    You go, girl!


  7. Hey, Dean! Good point - but unlike you, I have some pretty powerful pull with my butt's employer. And if she doesn't start using more carrot and less stick the employees are going to revolt.

    I hope you start having some artistic success so you can ditch the, um, boss.

    Thanks for the cheering section!

    Be well, Cynthia