Monday, July 25, 2011

Monday's health links

Welcome friends! I hope it is warm, but not too warm, where you are today. My guy is in Toronto - I hope everyone is finding shade and a cool spot today. Be safe out there!
  1. A superb op-ed piece by Mark Bittman on what governments could do to help encourage healthy diets. It really is a war. The quantity of crap food that crowds our grocery store shelves and competes for our dinner time dollar is astonishing. NY Times.
  2. Also from the NY Times, what to say to someone who is sick. It's always good to be reminded about some of the good options, since most of us have too many of the "what not to say" anecdotes by now. NY Times via  A Cup of Jo
  3.  We still don't know why breast cancer is more lethal in African Americans and African Canadians. Reuters
  4. Many doctors in the US are not following genetic testing guidelines for women at high risk for breast and ovarian cancer. US News
  5. This looks like fun! Sponge on a string test for esophageal cancer. Net Doctor
  6. Another reminder that peeling your fruit and vegetables removes many of their cancer-fighting compounds. Give them a wash and leave the peel on as often as you can. Dr. Richard Beliveau in the Toronto Sun
  7. Also from Dr. Beliveau, the way you prepare your cruciferous vegetables is key in their effectiveness as cancer fighters. Steaming, microwaving or stir frying, as briefly as possible, maximizes their benefits. Toronto Sun
  8. WTF? A new study has linked height to increased risk of cancer. OK, it's linked to a slightly greater risk. It may just be that taller people simply have more cells in their bodies thus increasing the opportunity for a cancerous cock-up. But perhaps, if there is a hormonal connection, that has the potential to impact future treatment. Consumer Reports
  9. Hiding vegetables in food works - kids end up consuming more vegetables. But I've always been told that the key to developing lifelong good eating habits is getting kids to accept and enjoy eating fruits and vegetables in their whole states. I certainly don't feel dishonest sneaking them in and have never understood that parental response. Penn State
  10. And if you have a moment, listen to this fascinating All Things Considered story on the supermarket tomato. I am so glad we planted 12 tomato plants this year. NPR


  1. My cooking needs some inspiration, so thought I'd stop by. You always have great links. Thanks! I need help.

  2. Thanks for coming buy again, Nancy! The summer has been busy so posts have been sporadic. You have inspired me to get my butt in gear and get some more good recipes up there. I hope you are well and enjoying the summer.