Monday, September 12, 2011

Back from summer vacation just in time for Monday's health links

Sorry for the very sporadic posting this summer. I took some well-needed time of with my kids but now, a la Arnie, I'm back!
  1. Fish oil supplements may block chemo drugs. Please talk to your oncologist about this if you are undergoing treatment. BBC News.
  2. Potential for new therapy targeting metastatic breast cancer announced at scientific symposium in Germany. Digital Journal.
  3. Flower power? The autumn crocus shows promise in the fight against cancer. BBC News.
  4. Nuts! Walnuts may reduce risk for breast cancer and I'm allergic to them. And it's not like I can just consume other sources of the nut's individual components - they think the real benefit is in the whole nut with all elements working together.  Sacramento Bee.
  5. W post-presidency. Already lauded for his work fighting AIDS, former president George W Bush pushes to expand screening and treatment of cervical and breast cancers in the developing world. Wall Street Journal.
  6. Learning more about CNETs, the under and misdiagnosed cancer being fought by Apple CEO Steve Jobs. Toronto Sun.
  7. Finally, filmmaker Lea Pool brings her documentary "Pink Ribbons" to the Toronto Film Festival. I can't wait for it to get major release. CTV.


  1. Thanks for the great compile, Cynthia! I saw the piece about walnuts and am thrilled I don't have to give them the boot (there are so many things I can't eat anymore, being Er/PR+) and that they are still good for me! YAY for small victories! ;-)

  2. Pretty cool, right?! I am so pleased that you can still enjoy them. I am going to investigate whether I am getting similar benefits from chia and pumpkin seeds. Hope you're well!

  3. PS Pickled kale? Now that is intriguing. Recipe please! ;-)

  4. Picking! Not pickling! :-) Lordy - even I couldn't eat pickled kale.