Friday, April 27, 2012

Health links

Both dads are home from the hospital and today is trying to be a sunny day.

On to the links...
  1. How diet and exercise can impact survival after cancer treatment. CBS News.
  2. ...and how it can impact fatigue levels after breast cancer. CBC.
  3. A comprehensive summary of the risks of prostate cancer, and how to avoid them. Vancouver Sun.
  4. Aspirin linked to lowered risk of lung cancer in women. Vancouver Sun.
  5. ...and to lowered risk of dying from bowel cancer. Huffington Post.
  6. A breakdown on the health benefits of chia seeds. In brief, while they are a good source of fibre, protein and anti-oxidants, they won't replace fish oil as a deliverer of omega-3s. Globe and Mail.
  7. Finally, Nutella settles a class-action suit and admits what we all know - it isn't good for us. Vancouver Sun.


  1. I have never understood that whole Nutella thing! It is just like spreading chocolate bars on your toast, disgusting!!

  2. I was always surprised when other kids in school had sandwiches with it. But, Nutella on a crepe with sliced bananas is pretty special. Well, it used to be. :-)